The Futility of False Miracles.


Abraham said to him: "They have Moses and the Prophets - let them hear them!" And he (Dives) said: "No Father Abraham, if anyone from the dead may go to them, they may renew their minds." And he said to him: "If Moses and the Prophets they do not hear - neither if one rises out of the dead will they be persuaded."

Remembering that if one does not believe in Moses - he cannot believe in the Messiah - He is the One following Moses!
Not even if the trees and mountains uprooted themselves, and danced around, will anyone believe in the Spirit of God. The greatest miracles are found in the Scriptures and the construction of them. Many Prophets have been tortured and butchered in putting the ancient writings together. True faith comes from knowing the writings and knowing who wrote them, and who they were written for. To hear and see Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms is to have one's own ears and eyes opened by the Spirit of God in the first place. Believing in the Scriptures is fully knowing them and understanding them through hard work coupled with the experience of reliving the actual events in a new and complete way with the Scriptures as the guide.
The death, dumb and blind as well as all the other impediments mentioned in the Scriptures are nothing to do with actual people who are really blind and so on. Israel knew their predicament and begged God to be merciful and to show them the way out. So God, through his Prophets whom he taught in his mystical wilderness, sent Israel His Word. Listening to the false religion, Israel tortured and butchered the true Prophets one by one, thereby remaining in sin. Sending one genius after another wasn't enough for Israel, so God sent the greatest Teacher of all, and the World then killed him.
By studying the Scriptures on receiving the Spirit of intelligence, you will never go wrong - as the Messiah says - He will guide you into all the truth, and the truth shall set you free!
Scriptureless Bonehead Christianity thinks that the church will save them, but how can this be when their leaders are Scriptureless boneheads as well?
It is Christ who said that there would be many liars in His name, and this world is full of the money grasping pigs and dogs, whom the Messiah would not piss on if He found them on fire!

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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