The Hanging Gardens; the tree that yields 12 different fruits a year!

prasia - prasia is a rare word that was used for greenery. Flowers, food in particular, as well as grasses such as wheat and the products that are made from them. The Hanging Gardens came into being in relation to the heights that the Genius Messiah was about to take His Students minds up to. It is doubtful that anyone of the masses understood the Messiah's Teaching except his students at a later date when the Truth was revealed to them after much suffering with trial and error. After all, it is the students that filled all the fragments into 12 caskets (coffins) and then immediately (with haste - remember the unleavened bread of Moses' Passover!) The students immediately went into a terrifying storm - a mind blowing experience - to demonstrate how powerful the Bread of Truth really is. In Psalm 23 David explains the Tabernacle on the green grass and the Bread of the Presences with the Quiet waters coming afterwards. However, the students of the Messiah went into a hell-bound storm with the Messiah quietly hovering over the waters of the mind. This is why the Messiah is of the same Seed as David and Abraham!

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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