Revelation is the Unveiling of the God Seed, that is the Truth in Christ, through Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms. Revelation is the apocalypse - the blindfold in seven layers and only taken away by Jesus Christ
Notice that the word 'created' has been changed to 'cut.' Normally the word 'fashioned' is used because it tells you that God is forming something Himself. The word 'cut' refers to the Way God cuts his Covenants like shaping stones into gems. The word 'nick' means to cut out what is old, and replaced with what is new. The Cross itself, the fragments flavoring the divine food that never perishes, and the firewood that gives a very long light and warmth to the World. A Nickname that comes from above, from the 3 levels of divine intellect, means that your heart and mind will really be cut and engraved by the Divine Jeweller.
Anyway, lamb, have a look at the above Scriptures and you will see the word 'Cut.'
One thing is for sure, the walking dead will condemn me as they did with Christ 2000 years ago, because I have changed the Scriptures. I will be criticized by the Scriptureless who will be jealous of me because I know the Scriptures like the back of my own hand. But my answer to the blind and the ignorant is with the words from Christ Himself:

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He, (Christ), said to them: "Because of this every writer of the Scriptures, having been a disciple in regard to the kingdom of the heavens, is like to a man, the Head of his house, who brings out of his treasure, things New and Old."

Here Christ is saying that those who have been, and are now disciples in regard to the Kingdom of the Heavens, it is they that have reached the 3 levels required to be able to write about them. And to bring out the treasures both old and new is exactly what I have done. Notice how Christ calls the knowledge gained in the Scriptures as treasures, of which I know they are for sure. The treasures I have inside of me is a mirror reflection of the eternal wealth that I have stored in Heaven. Not only has God opened up my mind to the fabulous treasures in the mystical Scriptures, He has also guaranteed the souls of those who I love shall be with me forever. Even though I have the ability to make a fortune in this temporary life, I reject it all for the eternal wealth that I know I am going inherit.
I could tell you something, lamb, that is not of this World, a place that I have both been to, and seen with my own eyes. One day I may tell you about it young lamb, but it depends on how much you learn in this life!
When Christ says that many will come in his name, but do not believe them because they are Liars, he is talking about the man bullshitters who does not know the difference between Moses and a magic mushroom.
Christ took 3 of his disciples up a high mountain, and they saw something mind blowing. At the top, which is the 3rd level, they saw Christ transformed into his true majestical glory. At this time Peter, the Stone, saw Christ talking with Moses and Elijah, and Peter, because his mind was both transfixed and very cloudy, said:
"Lord Teacher, let us build 3 tabernacles, 1 for You, 1 for Moses, and 1 for Elijah."
But the spirit is saying that Peter did not know what he was saying because it is he, Peter, and every single disciple in Christ who has to be tabernacled 3 times. And this is living proof that without the correct interpretations of the Scriptures, it is impossible to know the Hidden and Risen Christ. Moses is living, and so is Elijah, and they are both concealed in the Scriptures. Study and work to your hearts content on the Scriptures and the rewards will be great when revelation comes. This is why the fake tabernacle was built in the Wilderness to give an example of the real one, and this is referring to every single disciple in Christ. There are many in this World who have wrongly been told that they are real Christians by the man bullshitter. And this man bullshitter is the disciple of Satan, the Liar. Christ Himself was tempted by the Liar on 3 occasions in the Wilderness. These temptations were not only for Christ Himself, but for every disciple that is both Called and Chosen by God. These 3 temptations are on different levels - 3 levels to be exact. At the highest level, the 3rd level, Christ was offered all the riches of the World, and all its glories if he bowed down, and therefore worshipped the Liar. However, Christ being a true example to His disciples following Him said to the Liar:
"You shall worship no one but God alone!"
This is why the Scriptureless man bullshitter wants to rule the World and gain all its riches, because his father is the Liar, and for this reason Christ says to his disciples from the beginning:
"Call no man Father because you only have One, and He is in Heaven."
So what does the Liar and his man bullshitter do? Twist the Scriptures and everything that Christ has said.
The man bullshitter claims that when you partake of the bread and wine, the bread becomes Christ's body, and the wine becomes Christ's Blood. Now there is a major problem here. It is Christ who said:
"Whatever you do, do it in my Name." And this means everything!
The True Bread and Wine determines whether you are dining on the Truth of Christ, or you are dining with the lies of demons. If Moses and the Prophets are truly being preached and taught, then you will now for sure that you are dining well. But if you are getting nothing at all, you are dining on the food of demons, which is nothing but empty lies. Open up a pomegranate and you will see something that will open your eyes. The multitudous seeds represent the Truth that comes out of the Scriptures, and the red juice represents the precious Blood of Christ that enriches the Scriptures with their true meanings. The True Life is in the Blood, and Christ died so that his disciples minds may become rich in the knowledge of Himself, which can come only from out of the Scriptures.
There were two disciples of Christ walking in despair 3 days after the Crucification, and Christ came alongside them disguised to open their minds to All of Moses, and All of the Prophets, and All of the Psalms. It is what Christ did, and still does to this very day that explains what the real Bread of Heaven is, and what his True Blood is also. Every single sentence in Moses and the Prophets is Christ himself being unveiled fragment by fragment. Each fragment is the real Bread that comes off the pages. When the 2 disciples reached their destination Christ went on further as though he were going to leave them, but the 2 pleaded with him to abide with them, and he did. Reclining with them to eat Christ took the Bread, blessed it, and he then broke it into fragments, and suddenly their eyes were opened, and the 2 recognised who he was. At that split second when the 2 recognised Christ, He vanished completely out of their sight. If Christ had not died, and shed his blood, his disciples minds would never have been able to open to the Truth itself, which is Christ Himself. It is the Blood that opens the sight of the blind to the seeds of Truth.
Soon, lamb, you will begin your walk into the Truth. work to do on you to shape you for a future that will truly astonish you beyond your wildest dreams! Hesitate no more, lamb, and come to the Truth, and the same treasures that you see on this page will be given to you.
So come, lamb, come out of the Darkness and into the majestic Light!
Finally, lamb, for your protection from the one who is surely going to test you, if anyone says to you they are Christian, and want to convert you, say to them: "Let us break Bread," and if they do not know the Bread is for opening up Moses and the Prophets, you will know that the Liar's serpents are on your tail. Christ has many enemies in this World who love the darkness, and the temporary wealth they seek from it. There are countless Assemblies of the Liar in this World, but the Deceiver is so clever in his deceptions it is hard to tell who they are. You will know them by their words if they are of Christ or not, because if Moses and the Prophets are missing, so is the Hidden and Risen Christ.
image of those blinded by the god of this world
The faithless are those who have never received the Word of God, because they have never known the Truth which comes out of Moses and the Prophets. The Liars in this World claim that the Gospel is the New Testament, but Christ and His Holy Apostles preached Moses and the Prophets - because the New Testament had not even been written then! So the Faith that took Christ through a life of suffering, and then to be murdered on the Cross, is the same Faith that God gives to those whom He teaches and loves, and not the blind faith that many in this World hold on to.
The temptations of this World will surely come to you, lamb, but God Himself will lead you from them, because you are His 'chosen child' of the 'Light.' And those whom God loves He chastises with an iron rod, unlike the false teddy bear gods that are many in this World. The One True God not only chastises his own disciples, but He gives them many permanent gifts that nothing of value in this temporary World can ever match. The World of the Deceiver may boast of their worthless temporary wealth, but God always gives his Children the oneupmanship of riches that are truly wonderful and eternal.
image of the veil taken  off at the reading of the old testament
Soon, lamb, you will have the veil of your eyes lifted by the Word of God in which True Faith comes, and then you will see the Light that has been kept for you since time began.

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You are the Tree, lamb, and the Jewel that shoots from it!

Do you know what is meant by 'The Truth shall set you Free, and who has been set Free by it, is Free indeed?' Very few people in history have ever experienced the freedom of the Truth, lamb, but you have it in your grasp! I said to you that I can make you the happiest lamb in this World, and it is with the Truth that I will do it.

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But you are a chosen conception, a royal priesthood, a holy people, a peculiar people that you should demonstrate the praises of Him who has called you out of the darkness into His marvellous light.
I swear to you, lamb, not only are you Called, but you are Chosen as well. Let me lead you out of the darkness of this World, and give you the True Light. I promise you that the time will come when you will not need me, or anyone else, because you yourself will know who and what is both invisible and hidden from this World. This is my real and sole motivation for you, lamb, so please judge me by the knowledge I have in me.


But through boldness saying: "I was found by them that did not seek me; I was unveiled and shown to them that did not ask for me."
I did not ask your permission is your key phrase to me, lamb! Well you have not only been Chosen and Called, but your future has come into your present, meaning that you are having things unveiled to you, and you are finding something that one day will amaze you. When your mind has been elevated, lamb, there will be nothing that you will not know, because what is both invisible and hidden will be unveiled to you. Apocalypse.


And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach Good News of the only thing that is Good!
How about going on a 10 mile walk, lamb, or even a 20 or 30 mile one, and I will open up your mind to things that will really astonish you. The Good News is truly yours, lamb, and even though many are Called, and only a few Chosen, I swear to you, lamb, it is you who is Chosen, because what is inside of you is the real thing!

The Seed into a great Tree - the Tree of Eternal Life, and written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

An generation has now past since the Writer had an arresting experience - his normal way of life walking on a tight-rope for what he knows to be true. The Writer would rather die for the truth than let his disciple and friend live without knowing it at all. He can only write down the true seeds, but you will learn how to open them up into trees of knowledge, and you will comprehend how it is done as fast as lightening. It is then you will be able to deliver the flora that will really amaze this World.
The words you receive do not please you at first, but they are an example of the ones a virtuoso receives from an immaculate performance. Don't be ordinary in this life like the musicians in the stalls, but listen to what is really in store for you, and you will be transformed into a Virtuoso that the whole World will truly love.
The translations are the real thing and even though they can only be written down in fragments, they will be opened up to you like flowers from seeds, like rough stones transformed into highly polished jewels. Just like real flowers can only grow from real seeds, you will only have the real seeds of knowledge planted into you, and then you will deliver to the World something that is truly astonishing. Even though flowers perish once they have shown their beauty, the ones you will have will always be impregnated in your heart forever. Don't settle for second best - the temporary weeds of this life - but use your whole strength of mind, and reach out for the jewels that will shine in you now and forever.
In this life many people come and go like ships in the night, but the Living Truth is within you wherever you go, and will never leave you, even to the end! You will always have a never ending supply of seeds to work from, and the resulting flowers will be transformed into fabulous pearls, and they will all belong to you - every single one of them!

Remember this parable because it is just for you; the mustard seed is the smallest of all the seeds in the World, but once it has been planted properly - it grows into the greatest of all the trees. This refers to everything that I have been telling you so far, lamb, and what seed I plant into you will truly expand into mind blowing truth.
It is not the temporary happiness of this World, but the eternal happiness that comes from the unveiling of the truth. I can only hope that your heart and mind will overlook me physically, and for you to see me as I really am. At the moment you are chained to this World and its time limitations, but listen to me and your mind will open to the amazing truths that are hidden from this World.

At the moment you only believe in what you can see, and what you can touch. I promise you, lamb, soon you will know who and what is hidden from this World, and the awesome power of that which is invisible!
One last thing, lamb, don't make the same mistake as billions of others have done, and that is to ask the opinions of the blind to what is hidden, and therefore invisible! I don't want you to fall into the same pit as them. Let me light your Way by showing you what the pure olive oil for the mystical Lampstand does! After all if you look at the image of the gemstone above, it says 'Supplier of the Olive Oil for the Lampstand.' You truly will supply the pure Olive Oil, lamb, because you are it, you just do not know it yet!

The Jewel and the Tree of Life.

There is a special stone jar that has 2 or 3 measures of water in it. This stone jar will be transformed into a highly cherished, lamb, and will perform a miracle in teaching, turning the 2 or 3 measures of water into wine. The water is the Spirit of knowledge; the door to the heart and the mind, and the wine is the three windows to the 3 levels of a higher intelligence.
The Miracle at Cana in Galilea where the water was turned into wine refers to 6 huge stone jars with 2 or 3 measures of water in them. But the beneficiary of this miracle is the person who is to be tabernacled 3 times. This is the 1st sign - the person who is on the 1st of the 3 teaching couches used in learning. It is the person bearing the stone jar who is supplying the answers to the water teaching on 2 levels, and then transforming the water into the 3 levels of the wine. you lamb is the stone jar that will perform these signs. You, lamb, will be the bearer of the Good News that opens the sight of those blind to the Scriptures, which is the entire World.
The fragments of the Cross is the Tree of Life burning in the hearts of those learning from the Translations, as the unveiling of the Scriptures come alive at the breaking of the Bread of Life.
Beech is a tree bearing a book full of seeds in blood red - like pomegranates. The Seeds represent the fragmented Scriptures, and the red juice represents the precious Blood required to unveil the True meanings that can only be found when the roots of the tree are firmly set in the Hebrew Translations.

The Potteries.

The Potteries is at the heart of the UK - almost. I grew up here before joining the Royal Navy for 6 years. After leaving the RN, working all over the country, spending time in London and the USA, amongst the many other things, I committed myself full time to studying the ancient Hebrew and Greek languages for 30 years. Studying and practicing the ancient languages has brought to me an unbelievable insight into the World over a 6000 year period. What I like about Stoke on Trent is that it is practicably religion free. After all, Christ and His Apostles were not religious themselves in any way at all. They mingled in the pubs and public places, teaching a far better way to live than spending ones life grasping for money, and therefore the false temporary hopes that money leads to. For this very reason, not only did Christ and His Apostles live with the poor, and dressed like the poor, and ate with the poor, all of the genius Prophets also did from 4000 BC onwards. There is only one sure way of knowing if someone is telling the Truth, and that is by what comes from their mouths, and not by what they wear, or by how much money they have. Christ was, 2000 years ago, a teacher that astonished the people by what came from his mouth, and it was truly remarkable because everything he taught was brand new, even to the many geniuses that were around at that time. But Christ was poor in money and materialism, yet he was the richest person in the World when it came to his intelligence. This web site is all about showing people what that remarkable teaching was, and the relevance of it today, and forever.

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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